Life in SMIT

.. well so i realised this thought so deserves a blog!

I gonna miss the food – faley, momos, aloo chura, wai wai, chowmein, butter naan.
and the sad mess food.
The craving for extra sweets and cakes.
The cat climbing on my bed.
Endless gossip girl.
Late night movies and coffee.
Experimenting with wai wai.
Hand washing clothes.
The ice chilled water.
My lovely teesta.
The inspiring green mountains.
The hanging bridge.
The Semesters.
The Physics Cycle.
The Cold.
The last minute xeroxes.
The Hut.
The hours at wardens office for internet.
The craving for good food.
Skipping number of meals at a stretch.
The New people Ive met.
The old ppl i know.

Im gonna miss it all..

… Of course till im back again 😀

You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
You’re beautiful, it’s true.I saw your face in a crowded place,And I don’t know what to do,
‘Cause I can’t stop staring at you..

While I heard the very famous James Blunt song, sang my own set of lyrics, clicked this picture, thought about how lucky I was to get a chance to live is this beautiful state – Sikkim, how much i was in love with nature and how much power and strength it gave me to keep going; and smiled, the entire moment transitioned into a black and white memory.   They say a moment once lost, is lost forever and that is why we must make the most out of each.   I was washing clothes a little later, I caught nature at its zenith from the little drying room window.   It left me speechless.   My friend says that the beauty of nature reflects the creator and I cannot bet a bit against it.  
The water coloured blue sky was studded with clouds and the sun’s sharp rays fought through them to create silver linings and shower blessings.    I stared into the sun, amazed, while it was high above the mountains, gracing the valley, fields and the Teesta.   I felt sanctified.   I ran back to my desk, grabbed my phone, got back and clicked a picture. Of course I couldn’t capture every bit of the moment for the camera can never replace the human eye.

The other lyrics of Your’e Beautiful played in my head, then. Yeah, she caught my eye, As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Flying high,
And I don’t think that I’ll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.   And there! It was a moment not lost, but made the most of.   I feel ordained.   Just like that. When life gives you a moment, you don’t sit, wait, wonder what you should do and lose the chance. It’ll even give you hope, show you the path and grace you. You just grab it do what you’ve gotta do and make the most of it.              

SSC… so not worth it!

“Screw the system, before it screws you… I know the systems screwed me.. but its my chance now!” The main reason I am writing this is because I see the difference in me.. how it makes mechanics and physics difficult and others include the results coming up, pressures increasing(not me) and that they are not worth it! I sit here on my revolving chair, realise my D-days coming closer and I still don’t care! Its not because I’ve got my admissions already… its because of this question – Are they even worth it? keeps popping in my head! And then I ask myself… Why aren’t they worth it? There, I’m listening to my answers: Heena, knowledge is something you acquire after understanding.. while rote learning is something you learn without understanding. True education is when you acquire knowledge and apply it in the future which leads to wisdom!

But sadly, our systems for rote learners only! The Board expects word to word answers and examiners don’t want to think beyond their boundaries whether what the student has written in his/her own words may be correct! Its not even fair on your part that marks are cut just because you write in your own words! *sheesh..what a system?!* My mother works in a corporate and I’ve have heard a lot of tales like these.. if you can’t use your head and apply what you’ve learnt then you’re fired… its like a thappa on you! … (1) One can even predict board papers!!! Like other examinations, it should be like you just cant predict! That’s when students will learn everything. BTW.. How can you call it an examination when you know whats coming forth you? And then, all you have to do is mug and pour it out on paper! … (2) Cheating is all over in SSC… and of course leakage of papers. There is no point then! And don’t compare your marks with anyone elses, even in your wildest dreams… (3) Since SSC supports wrote learning, I’ve figured out.. they don’t provide enough time for Marathi, Hindi and Geometry papers. All they expect is to mug and just get it out in ink. There is nothing like thinking in these examinations. Papers should be like where you read a question, figure out the answer and then write it for which you need thinking time. Marathi paper should have been for 4 hours at least while geometry for 3 hours! … (4) Conclusion: (1) So.. Education should be for the overall development of oneself and not just books. SSC examinations is not the correct method of testing students because its core definitely does not help you lead to success in life! (2) So.. a predictable examination doesn’t make sense! (3) An examination where cheating and leakage is on the go… is not worth it at any cost! (4) Our system’s paper lacks thinking time and when you cant finish your paper.. there is no point! So if you aren’t a rote learner, scored quiet average then its alright! You did just fine! If your scores weren’t great *great*, you don’t have to worry, its not the end of everything! You have years ahead to do whatever you want to do.. Just keep up with you dream and work towards achieving it! You can kick the goal! But if your worried about a getting into a college, i think you shouldn’t be because Acc to me All colleges are same, only the crowd, extra curriculars and cut offs differ! Colleges have all got their reputation from their alumni. The weirdest thing about the board is you can predict your paper but not your score! The debate by Hindustan times in which i participated based on the case:

Growing up with travel and more

Cycling from Manali to Leh with unventured.

Every text I get after a while from someone sounds like where in the world are you or when are you back in town and it puts a smile on my face. I escape this city of dreams at the first chance I get and hit the road. I sort of have a love hate relationship with Mumbai.

Back in 2014, right after I graduated and trained for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 2-3 months, I managed to get to leh on a bicycle from Manali, crossing some of the highest motorable passes in the world and much more.

Find out more about how I grew up into making it this far, here.

Thank you Mommie says so for sharing my story with the world.

Local things to do in Dadar, Mumbai

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Shivaji-Park-Dadar-Mumbai-Maharashtra-India-1-300x200.jpg

Hey there! Its been a while! I just got back from my three week long travels and its been a lot of fun. While I was away, I realised what I missed about home and what other’s might like to experience.

I was born and brought up in the amazing city of dreams and I would encourage every tourist and traveller to experience the offbeat and local.

Find more details here.

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